Pin Up Ronja

Stefan took some pin-up pictures of me. They turned out really nice. And I confirmed my suspicion that I might one day have the guts to do something like this. Feeling confident and happy, and also very butterfly-in-the-stomach-ish.

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Happy Snow

I feel happy these days. So much good things are happening.

It was snowing today. I handed in my assignment in time. I'm going to the Monster's Ball Masquerade. I met someone nice. I could afford a pack of cigarettes today. All these things make me very happy. And school's good, too.

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Life is chaotic these days - chaotic, but in a good way. I'm always busy, which means I don't have the time to think of my heart ache or worry about the future. I just simply live in the Now.

School is good, got great classmates and the subjects are interesting. Except for math, which I suck at. We're having our first school visit this friday.
In one week I am going to Manchester and I can't wait. It'll be nice to have a change of scenery for a little while.

Caven has also re-opened. I love it there. Will try to take pictures at some point, if my sister will lend me her camera. I'm sure she will if I get my own batteries and promise not to get disorderly drunk.
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weird emotions surfacing

Going to Manchester, England, on the 10th of september.

I am going to meet the guy earlier mentioned as the Scottish fairytale.

He is taking me to se the Stray Cats, a band I love.

Also, I am going to a Pirate party on the 19th of september. Looking forward to both events.

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My old dog with the scarred face ran away.

I guess I have no luck in love. But the problem is, I don't have any luck in gambling, either.